4 Ways To Save Money On Egg Freezing Costs

Save on egg freezing costs

If you are interested in egg freezing, you’ve probably heard the cost of freezing eggs can range from around $6,000 to as high as $18,000 per cycle. Here are a few tips from professionals and former patients that can help you freeze eggs cost effectively:

Maximize the results of your freezing cycle.

Since your goal is to freeze a certain number of eggs, the best way to save on egg freezing costs is to limit the number of cycles you need by making them as productive as possible. So to help your egg quality and quantity,

Freeze eggs sooner rather than later, while in your 20s or early 30s if possible.

Take care of your health. This includes quitting habits like smoking and drinking, and making sure you eat well.

Consider minimal stimulation egg freezing. Some say it is a sensible option for producing the right number of higher quality eggs at a lower price, while others say the higher doses of medication in conventional egg freezing are necessary to get enough eggs. Dr. Eric Flisser from the Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York commented, “To achieve the same number of oocytes [with minimal stimulation] will require multiple treatment cycles, which will then negate the cost-savings of minimal stimulation (and possibly be more expensive, due to treatment-related costs, such as the actual egg retrieval procedure.)”

Minimize the price of medications.

Ask your fertility clinic about discount programs offered by drug manufacturers and pharmacies, such as those from EMD Serono or DesignRx. Every patient can usually find some kind of discount, and the savings can be quite impressive for veterans, patients with cancer, or other qualifications.

Check your insurance carefully.   

Have your fertility clinic check over your insurance policy to see if any costs might be covered.

Shop around.

While you are comparing prices and doctors, be sure to compare all costs included in your cycle. EggBanxx patient care advocates have done this research already and can offer referrals and even set up appointments for you.

Though the cost of freezing eggs can be high, there are things you can do to keep it down. Call our advocates today for more tips and information on financing. Our number is (855) 888-EGGS (3447).