Natural Disasters and Frozen Eggs

Infertility Cyclone

So, what happens to your frozen eggs if the power goes out? With the destructive Hurricane Sandy leaving an estimated 7 million East Coasters without power — and winter weather right around the corner — it's a question to ask.

When you are talking to a fertility doctor about egg freezing, ask questions about storage, too. You probably want a cryobanks that offers the latest technology for storing eggs, embryos and/or sperm. And ask questions based on your particular location and what type of disasters usually occur.

For example,a cryobank on the East Coast may use state-of-the-art vapor phase liquid nitrogen tanks that are not dependent on electricity to keep embryos frozen, along with back-up generators. A cryobank on the West Coast may make sure their tanks are secured for eqrthquake safety.

Frozen eggs, embryos and sperm are frozen in liquid nitrogen, which does not depend on a power source. However, always ask questions relevant to your situation:


  • What happens to the frozen eggs at your facility in the case of a power outage or other natural disaster, such as a flood or fire?
  • How are the frozen eggs protected?
  • Are back-up generators in place?
  • Is there any danger to the frozen eggs if there is no power for a long period of time?
  • How secure are the tanks in case of an earthquake?
  • How protected are my eggs from fire?
  • What happens if your facility gets flooded?
  • What happens if my eggs do get destroyed in a natural disaster?

October 30, 2012
Posted by Leigh Ann Woodruff

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