Talking Egg Freezing with SCRC

Southern California Reproductive Center (SCRC), a California fertility clinic experienced in egg freezing has locations in Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Valencia and Lancaster/Palmdale. Recently, the practice answered questions about egg freezing.

Who  are you offering egg freezing services to? What types of patients?

We offer egg freezing services to women who wish to delay their childbearing, or wish to preserve their fertility. We also offer it to women undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

What does your clinic consider the optimal age for egg freezing?

The optimal age for freezing is 37 and under.  However, all patients are assessed individually, and their egg reserve is assessed to determine if they are good candidates. 

Once eggs are frozen, where are they stored?

We freeze and store all the eggs at our facility, Southern California Reproductive Center.

How long do you feel eggs can be stored safely?

Eggs can be safely frozen for at least 10 years. 

Is there a cut-off age that you recommend for women to have eggs thawed, fertilized and transferred in a cycle?

It depends on the individual. For a healthy woman, we do not recommend an embryo transfer in any woman older than 55 years of age and strongly recommend embryo transfer by age 50.

What is the price range for freezing eggs, and what does that range cover?

The price is $7,900, and this covers all aspects of the stimulation cycle, egg retrieval and egg freezing for the first year.

What are the reasons a woman would NOT be a good candidate for freezing her eggs?

Women with low ovarian reserve (a low number of eggs), as tested by a Follicle Stimulating hormone level and Anti-Mullerian hormone level, or some women over the age of 40 are not good candidates for egg freezing.  

What is the most exciting aspect of ASRM lifting the experimental label? How do you think this will change the face of fertility treatment?

The most exciting aspect of ASRM lifting the experimental label is that for the first time we can provide preventive care for fertility. Fertility depends primarily on the age of the egg at the time of freezing. Freezing eggs will enable many women to have healthy families well into their 40s and ease the anxiety about starting a family before they are ready to do so. 

What should a woman look for in a clinic that does egg freezing?

The most important thing about choosing a clinic for egg freezing is the quality of the embryology lab and the comfort of the patient with the clinic. We are proud of our lab and believe it is one of the best labs in the country. Our success rates with egg freezing, egg thaw, fertilization and pregnancies are among the highest in the nation. We also have five doctors, each with a different personality, so that patients can find the best match for them and feel comfortable during their cycles.

If you are interested in egg freezing, CLICK HERE and we will will put you in contact with Southern California Reproductive Center or a fertility clinic near you!

April 11, 2013
Posted by Leigh Ann Woodruff

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