Giuliana Rancic on the 'Shock' of Infertility

Rancic Infertility

Reality star and E! News host Giuiliana Rancic recently shared more of her story of battling infertility and breast cancer with Health magazine.

Rancic was suprised when she found out it is more difficult to have a baby after 35. She told the magazine:

""It was a big shock! I always say how I chased my career instead of chasing guys. And everybody was patting me on the back. No one ever told me, 'Oh, by the way, your eggs change when you reach a certain age.'"

The fact is, your eggs do age, and it is more difficult to get pregnant later. While a healthy 30-year-old woman has approximately s 20 percent chance of getting pregnant each month, a healthy 40-year-old woman only has a 5 percent chance.

If Rancic had frozen her eggs when she was younger, would she have been able to get pregnant more easily? There's no way to know. But if you are spending time chasing your career, or the right guy just hasn't come along, the least you should do is be aware of your option to freeze your eggs.

Rancic ended up undergoing three rounds of in vitro fertilizations (IVFs), with one miscarriage and one failed IVF. During the third, her doctor recommended a mammogram, and Rancic found out she had breast cancer. She continued with the egg retrieval and found a gestational surrogate.

In October 2011, Rancic underwent surgery and treatment for breast cancer. In August, they welcomed their son Edward Duke Rancic into the world.

October 31, 2012
Posted by Leigh Ann Woodruff

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