Typical Cost of Egg Freezing

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Depending on the fertility clinic and where you live in the United States, an egg freezing cycle can cost anywhere from $6,500 on the low end to $18,000 on the high end. But what will really determine the cost is whether you need additional cycles in order to retrieve enough eggs.

Every fertility clinic is different in how they price egg freezing cycles. For example:   One fertility clinic may offer a bundled price of $12,850 that covers testing, monitoring and first year of storage, but the cost of the fertility drugs for ovarian stimulation is separate and another clinic  might offer a price for egg freezing at $7,000, but that does not cover prescreening or fertility drugs.

As you can see, it can be difficult to compare costs. Fertility drugs alone can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 per cycle.  When you are considering egg freezing, make sure you talk to the fertility clinic about the cost breakdown for each aspect of the procedure.  Here are the different components to ask about when freezing your eggs:

  • The cost of the initial consultation at the fertility clinic.
  • The cost of blood tests and ultrasound, both initially and for monitoring throughout the cycle.
  • The cost of fertility drugs. This will depend on the exact protocol (hormone brands and dosages) that you are prescribed. Fertility drugs typically account for a hefty portion of the ovarall fee.
  • The cost of the egg retrieval procedure and doctor's fees.
  • The cost of the anesthetic during the egg retrieval and doctor's fees for administration of the anesthetic.
  • The lab work with the eggs and the cost of freezing.
  • Storage fees for the frozen eggs

Then you must consider the costs for when you are ready to use the eggs. Some sites say the costs to use the eggs are similar to the costs of freezing them minus the cost of many of the fertility drugs. Ask your fertility clinic to break down the cost for the following:

  • The cost for thawing the eggs
  • The cost of fertilization of the eggs, which is performed with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • The cost for the embryo transfer procedure

If you are unclear about the cost of a particular aspect of the egg freezing cycle, ask. Many fertility clinics may offer financing plans for elective egg freezing just like they do for patients undergoing IVF. 

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