A Terminally Ill Canadian Man and His Wife Are Given One Free Cycle of IVF

hands holding baby

A Canadian couple may soon realize their dreams of becoming parents, thanks in part to a very generous donation by a Vancouver fertility clinic. Edgar and Margarita Vasquez don’t have time on their side as Edgar has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer. Doctors have given him a short time to live, from a couple years to possibly weeks. His dying wish is to become a Father, but with the expenses incurred from his cancer treatment, the Vasquez family was worried that might never happen since IVF was their only option.

The couple attempted fundraising, raising thousands of dollars through donations from family and friends. Still needing additional funding, a local news station ran their story in the hopes of reaching others who might donate to the couple. Instead they received an even better offer. Doctors from the Pacific Centre for Reproductive Health presented the couple with one free cycle of IVF.

“I can’t imagine what they’re going through,” said Dr. Jeff Roberts. “We just hope we can help in some way with them achieving their dream, and that it works, and works quickly.”

Before Edgar’s cancer treatment began, the couple had his sperm frozen in the hopes of being able to use it one day to produce a child. While egg freezing using vitrification is typical for female cancer patients, many men utilize cryopreservation to freeze their sperm before undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation. Both processes of fertility preservation make it possible for thousands of men and women to become parents, even after a diagnosis of cancer.

Both Margarita and Edgar Vasquez are excited to begin the process of IVF, hoping to have a transfer in November of this year. The prospective parents are looking forward to having the opportunity to let their love live on through the birth of their child.

“I think God has a purpose for me and that he wants me to have this child because it’s a complete miracle for us,” said Edgar. “I don’t really care if it’s a boy or a girl as long as he or she is healthy,” adds Margarita.

September 4, 2013 Posted by Jenn Nixon






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