Egg Freezing After Divorce Gives Patient a Sense of ‘Empowerment’

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When 34 year old Melanie Bradshaw’s marriage ended in divorce, she decided to take control of her fertility and freeze her eggs for future use. "I didn't want to give up that dream of still having that family and having the kids and everything," Bradshaw said. "I think that it's taken the pressure off of my shoulders, and it allows me to go and date and meet people.”

Now that American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) lifted the experimental label on egg freezing, there has been a surge in women utilizing this new process of preserving fertility.

“There are two primary ways that people freeze eggs," said Dr. Eric Widra, from ASRM. "We've optimized both of these technologies to the point where experienced centers now see comparable success rates from eggs that were frozen from either method to those that are fertilized fresh. Now we feel like rather than an empty promise, there's real hope that we're giving patients.”

Many women want to pursue life goals such as finding the right partner, finishing school, and advancing their careers. Pressure to start a family before fertility starts to decline, can force many women to put these goals on hold. Egg freezing gives women the option of putting off parenthood until they are ready.

2,000 babies have been born from egg freezing, many of those conceived with the use of donor eggs. The technology is still young, and doctors can’t guarantee that freezing eggs for later use will result in a live birth.

"Even with high quality eggs, it's not a guarantee that there will be implantation and the live birth that results, which is the ultimate goal," said Psychologist Dr. Joann Galst.

Dr. Widra adds that, “we don't yet know whether freezing eggs from older women, or for a longer period of time, will have consequences. We don't think it will, but we don't know yet."

Bradshaw says she still plans on trying to conceive naturally once she finds Mr. Right, but knowing she has a back-up plan in her frozen eggs gives her some peace of mind. "For me it's empowerment and it's made me a lot stronger”, she says.

If you are interested in freezing your eggs, and need help finding a fertility clinic or fertility doctor that performs egg freezing, contact our Patient Care Coordinators at (855) 888-EGGS (3447), or by filling out the  Where to Freeze Eggs form.

September 21, 2013 Posted by Jenn Nixon

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