Talking Egg Freezing with Reproductive Fertility Center

Dr James Lin Irvine California

Reproductive Fertility Center is a leading California fertility practice dedicated to helping people fulfill their dreams of family by providing them with the most technologically advanced solutions available and for some women that solution would be egg freezing.

Reproductive Fertility Center’s founder James P. Lin, an Irvine, California based Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist, explains how he and his team are witnessing the difference such an advanced fertility treatment option can make in a number of women’s lives.

How long has RFC been performing egg freezing?

About five years ago, we had our first live birth of a healthy baby from eggs we had frozen, thawed, fertilized and transferred.

Who are you offering egg freezing services to? What types of patients?

Egg freezing is usually offered to single women who will be undergoing cancer treatments to preserve fertility, career women or women who are going to delay having families, and IVF patients who may have an issue with discarding embryos. We don't recommend couples to freeze their eggs if they have the option of freezing embryos instead.

What does your clinic consider the optimal age for egg freezing? What are the other criteria?

We recommend earlier the better if women were considering freezing their eggs to preserve their options for having children later in life.  Analysis on egg freezing stated that they see best pregnancy rates in women that are 36 years old and younger. ASRM recommends women 38 and under. We would do the same testing as we would on our regular patients such as FSH/AMH/AFC.

What are the reasons a woman would NOT be a good candidate for freezing her eggs?

Patients with endometriosis, severe PCOS, increased FSH, decreased AMH, or low Antral follicle count are not good candidates.  

Once eggs are frozen, where are they stored?

Eggs are frozen and placed on the premises in cryo tanks

How long do you feel eggs can be stored safely?

Indefinitely, just like sperm.

Is there a cut-off age that you recommend for women to have eggs thawed, fertilized and transferred in a cycle?

There is no cut off range for a women to transfer the embryos as long as she is healthy and has been cleared medically for pregnancy.

What is the price range for freezing eggs, and what does that range cover?

Egg freezing fees typically include the fees of an IVF cycle minus the embryo transfer fee.  

A cycle of egg freezing includes all the office visits, ultrasounds, estradiol levels, supplies, CBC, UA and egg retrieval. Anesthesia is an additional charge as is medications that are paid directly to the pharmacy. There is also an annual storage fee.  

What is the most exciting aspect of ASRM lifting the experimental label? How do you think this will change the face of fertility treatment?

ASRM lifted the experimental label for oocyte cryopreservation for patients who are unable to cryopreserve embryos and face infertility due to chemotherapy and gonadotoxicity therapies. There is insufficient data on elective oocyte cryopreservation so they have not endorsed oocyte cryopreservations for this reason.

Lifting the experimental label makes egg freezing more open more to the public.

What should a woman look for in a clinic that does egg freezing?

An experienced embryologist who have done extensive egg freezing. Our embryologist is one of the most experienced embryologists with egg freezing in the field. He has performed over 200 egg freezing cases, more than 75 live births from his egg freezing procedures, and has a live birth rate of 50% from frozen eggs.  The frozen eggs he prepared have achieved a survival rate of about 95%, which is amazing.

If you are interested in egg freezing, CLICK HERE and we will will put you in contact with Reproductive Fertility Center or a fertility clinic near you!

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