How To Pay For Egg Freezing: 3 Options.

Egg freezing costs

Opponents and advocates of egg freezing agree: egg freezing costs are rather high. What can you do about it? It turns out there are a few options.

Option 1 — Use your flexible spending account.

Shirley Sinclair, practice manager for the Fertility Center in TN relates, “We’ve had many patients that have used their flex spending cards to pay for in vitro fertilization (IVF), frozen embryo transfers, and both egg and embryo freezing cycles.” If you have an FSA, this can be a fantastic option for paying costs up front and then paying back with regular paycheck deductions.

Option 2 — Put it on your wish list.

Asking for egg freezing as a gift from friends or family could be a great way to involve loved ones in your family building and reach your fertility goals. “We have seen many times a gift given to the patient from parents, grandparents, and extended family members to help in the cost of fertility treatment.  Sometimes, one side of the family is able to help with the treatment and the other pays for the cost of medications.  I’ve seen this given for birthday and especially as Christmas presents.” Sinclair says. A few times she has even had friends or siblings call their practice to support their loved one by anonymously adding funds to their account, an experience she describes as “wonderful to see.”

Option 3 — Combinable with options one and two, consider using an organization like EggBanxx to lock in lower rates and possibly qualify for low-interest financing. We negotiate rates of up to 15 percent off walk-in rates, and this will benefit anyone paying for egg freezing, whether it is your FSA, family, or yourself.

EggBanxx offers patient care coordinators too, at (855) 888-EGGS (3447). If you are interested in financing, lower egg freezing rates, or have fertility questions, please contact us.