Should You Freeze Your Eggs?

egg freezing doctor

Do you have questions about egg freezing? Who is it right for? How many eggs should you freeze? Take a moment to consider Dr. Mark Leondires' comments from his practice at RMA of CT.

When asked what advice he would give a young woman considering freezing her eggs, Dr. Leondires said he recommends the procedure as a way to protect her options for having a family. Regarding risks and drawbacks, he notes, “The risks of the process are really quite small; however, unfortunately it is costly.”

He continues, “Second, patients should only seek treatment from a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist who conducts vitrification. Vitrification is the most advanced process for egg freezing (oocyte preservation); it received ASRM's blessing in 2012.”

“Because of the sophisticated science and technique of vitrification, not all fertility practices will have the same success. IVF pregnancy rates indicate the skill and knowledge of the doctor and his embryology lab. Every reputable fertility practice reports their IVF pregnancy rates to the CDC, which makes the rates available on their website.”

The general goal in an egg freezing cycle is to preserve ten eggs. First, testing will be done to determine whether an egg freezing cycle would be effective for a particular patient. This includes simple blood tests, including AMH and FSH testing. After all tests are completed and “Assuming that she is moving forward, her doctor will put her on medication to maximize egg production in one cycle.” Leondires relates.

Every patient is different of course, but most patients have between five to fifteen mature follicles from which to extract eggs at the end of the cycle. Describing the last few steps, Leondires says, “Of the five  to fifteen follicles, we typically retrieve five to twelve eggs. These eggs are immediately given to the embryologist on site, who conducts the vitrification.”

When you have questions about egg freezing, our patient care coordinators can supply information and even connect you with fertility doctors to ensure accuracy. Please contact us at (855) 888-EGGS (3447) with any requests.