What You Learn At An Egg Freezing Party

egg freezing party

Along with doctors Kofinas, Telebian and Brauer of the Kofinas Institute, RMA NY, and Greenwich Fertility respectively, EggBanxx recently hosted an egg freezing party at the Crosby Street Hotel in Manhattan, NY. The evening began with a short presentation from Dr. Brauer outlining how egg freezing works and what the potential benefits are. A question and answer session followed that addressed costs, risks, and other questions from the audience.

A repeated topic of the evening was that understanding your personal fertility status is both important and empowering. Jay Palumbo, director of patient care for EggBanxx, advised attendees early on that they should find out what their FSH and AMH levels are. These blood tests indicate fertility levels, and can differ depending on genetics, health, and age. Age has long been established and recognized as the most important factor in fertility, and by finding out where they are in the fertility spectrum, women can make more informed decisions, egg freezing being one possibility.

While sharing how egg freezing works and what its potential and limits are, the doctors often paused to say that the best way to have a family is “the old fashioned way.” Dr. Brauer pointed out, “This option is not meant to deter women from having a family, from meeting someone. I still think that the best way to get pregnant is to meet someone … and have a family. The goal of this is not to create career! career! women. … The goal of it is to know that you can potentially have it all; and hopefully you’ll never need it.” Dr. Talebian advocated a similar message, saying, “We all counsel our patients there’s no guarantee. However if you want to have this opportunity in the future, it’s an option; it’s a choice.”

The evening ended with the chief medical officer of EggBanxx, Dr. Fahimeh Sasan noting the need to get individualized advice from a woman’s own OB/GYN, since fertility issues can depend on specific, individual factors, and commending those in attendance for informing themselves about important fertility issues.

EggBanxx continues the mission to educate on fertility and egg freezing. If you have any questions, our patient care coordinators are available at (855) 888-3447 to provide information or connect you with qualified egg freezing doctors.