Where to Freeze Eggs

Egg freezing is an advanced medical procedure. It is not a procedure that is done in gynecologist’s office. While you can certainly talk to your gynecologist about egg freezing and whether it is right for you, to actually go through the process, you need to visit a fertility clinic and talk to a fertility doctor, also known as a reproductive endocrinologist.

Egg freezing also involves an embryologist who is affiliated with the fertility clinic and works in the lab. The embryologist will evaluate the eggs once they are retrieved for quality and determine if enough eggs have been retrieved or whether you will need to do an additional egg freezing cycle.

Once the eggs have been retrieved and evaluated, they are frozen in the laboratory. Then, they may be stored on site at the fertility clinic, sent to a long-term storage facility or sent to a frozen egg bank.

Once you have decided to investigate egg freezing, the first step is to find a fertility clinic with fertility doctors that have experience in and offer egg freezing for medical and social reasons.

Click here to let us help you find the fertility doctor that specializes in egg freezing and a fertility clinic near you.

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