Fertility Clinic to Freeze Eggs

Where do you go for an egg freezing procedure? Just like for in vitro fertilization (IVF), you must visit a fertility clinic for an egg freezing cycle.

Fertility doctors (reproductive endocrinologists) who specialize in egg freezing practice at fertility clinics throughout the United States. The fertility doctor will have a consultation with you, run tests, prescribe fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries, monitor yoru progress and perform the egg retrieval.

An very important part of the process, however, takes place in the fertility clinic's laboratory. The quality and procedures used for egg freezing in the laboratory are crucial to the success of egg freezing.

A fertility clinic lab is typically run by an embryologist — a scientist who is involved in fertility treatment and reproductive research. The embryologists collect eggs, examine them and freeze them.

When you are doing your research on fertilitiy clinics for egg freezing, ask questons about the fertility clinic's lab, quality control procedures in place and the experience of the embryologists who will be handling your eggs.

What about egg freezing success rates? At this time, there is no U.S. regulatory body such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that is collecting data on the success rates for freezing eggs. However, each fertility clinic may be keeping its own statistics, so ask questions. Also, it may be helpful to look at the fertility clinic's success rates for routine in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is data collected by the CDC.

Finding the best fertilitiy clinic to freeze your eggs can be a confusing process. Let us help.  Click here to get started now!

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